We offer fresh assortments of fruits and dry fruits, designed specially by our nutritionists! Each basket contains Assured Variety and quantity of fruits and dry fruits which are adequate for a week. The beauty of this concept is everyone gets their quota of fruits, dry fruits, and nut according to their diet while pampering the taste buds!

We also offer monthly subscriptions which while saving you money, also saves you from the hassle of buying fresh fruits from local market during a busy work week. A small quantity of a number of different fruits ensures that you enjoy a variety of fruits which are likely to get consumed fast than just going bad in your fruit bowl waiting to be finished!

What's more! We also have boxes thoughtfully designed for new moms, ailing people and for just anybody you love and care. We will deliver these boxes, on behalf of you and convey your wishes too. And not just that, there are healthy celebration baskets for those special occasions when you want to treat your near and dear ones without compromising on calories that come with sugar laden sweets.

Currently We are Upgrading System & Hence We Advice Not to Place Online Orders ! For Assistance, Please Contact + 91-9860230684 Dismiss