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Once, when time was new, the world was ruled by fruits whose king happened to be the Apple. With its aroma, wittiness and sweetness he made a perfect king to his folks. Being very generous towards his people, he always gave out lots of proteins, antioxidants and many other nutrients in reward for the good deeds done by his people. Under him the nation was prosperous and healthy with no diseased or infected crowd.

He had appointed other fruits at various other position. Like, the mango was the minister of external affairs, the orange was the commander of the army, the papaya was health minister and others were there who justified their roles precisely.

All was good, until one day, they were attacked! None other than there most viscous rivals- the bacteria. The war went on for days. Spears and catapults of carbohydrates were thrown from the good side while from the other virus and germs effortlessly paralyzed and infected the fruit army making them rotten and left to die.

Apple and orange with the other ministers kept on struggling for a better and effective strategy to keep the bacteria at bay. Finally with seeing his nation on the verge of defeat, apple himself went out to battle. Seeing this, other ministers with high confidence, rode along with their king. With their godly nutrient values they sliced through the bacteria army very efficiently.

But as destiny wasn’t on fruit king’s side, the bacteria king stabbed the apple right through the core. Witnessing all this was mango who was fighting just a few meters away. Filled with rage, mango was quick to be upon bacteria and beheading the evil king.

As the king was beheaded, the army knew the battle was lost, hence started to run away from the scene.

Mango and other fruits came closer to the apple, and as he spoke his last words, he pronounced Mango as the king he took his last breath. With tears, he was buried in the cemetery.

After a few days, a grand feast was organized wherein The Mango, was proclaimed as the king.

All hailed the Mango king!

And since then the mango remained the king of fruits.

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