Assorted Dry Fruits- Couple’s Boon- Monthly Subscription

3,999.00 / month

Serves – 2 People/Couple/Small Family over a Week

Each Weekly Delivery Contains,

Dry-Fruits Assortment of Any 7 Types From Below List With Total Assured Wgt. of 600 Gms.

Cashew, Dried Fig, Almonds, Walnuts, Dates, Yellow Resins, Black Resins, Apricot, Pista, Dry Dates.

How It Works ? 

Your 1st Subscribed Basket will be delivered on your selected delivery day & Subsequent Deliveries will happen on same day every week for rest of the subscription period.

In Monthly Subscription, We offer 4 assortments which you can consume in span of 6 Weeks. By default, we will perform delivery for  4 consecutive weeks, however if you already know the weeks you want to skip for delivery, kindly update Notes before placing order. Alternately, you can let us know 2 days in advance before scheduled weekly delivery day to avail grace delivery week.


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Healthy Habits Yields Healthy Minds!

Eating Dry-Fruits Daily with a recommended quantity is one of the Healthy Habit!

We know it & hence we are presenting Basket of Assorted Dry-Fruits!

Typically good for 2 people over the week, still for sure will be saved for sharing when someone who drops in to see you !


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