Assorted Fruits- Bachelor’s Boon


Serves –  Single Person over a Week

Assured Content- 5-6 Types of Fruits with Total Quantity of 1.5 KG-2 KG

Typically Contains,

  1. Musk Melon/Water Melon/Pineapple/Papaya- Any 1 (Approx.500-750 gms)
  2. Apples/Pear/Pomegranate- Any 1 Type (Approx. 300-500 gms)
  3. Mosambi/Oranges/Guava- Any 1 Type (Approx. 200-500 gms)
  4. Banana/Chikoo/Strawberry/ Grapes- Any 2 Types (Approx. 400-600 gms)

At Times, 1 additional  type of fruit may get included depending on availability in market & season.

Note– We try our level best to maintain Assortments as listed above, however it may vary slightly (Without impacting Assured Variety & Quantity) depending on availability & season.

Delivery Note: Your Basket will be delivered on coming scheduled delivery day defined for your area . This is to ensure Fresh Fruits Delivery directly to you without pre-storing them on our racks ! Kindly refer our Delivery Schedule before placing your order. Orders need to get placed at-least a day prior to scheduled delivery day!


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This isn’t really small ,we prefer to call it as ‘ Bachelor’s Boon’!

With size typically overwhelmed for Single Person, This basket contains most readily available fruits.

Typically dominated by Apples, Bananas & one of the large fruit such as Papaya, Water-Melon, Musk-Melon or Pineapple this basket also has seasonal presence from either of the Oranges, Mosambi, Guava, Pomegranate, Chikoo & Anjeer!

This basket is designed considering a weekly fruits in-take recommended for an adult, however its size certainly suffice to share a day with your partner, roomie or office colleague!

Hope You Enjoy This Assortment & Look Forward to Get You indulged more in our ‘Fruit-A-Holic’ Addiction!


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