Assorted Fruits- Couple’s Boon- Monthly Subscription

2,399.00 / month

Serves – Couple/ Two People/Small Family over a Week

Assured Content- 6-7 Types of Fruits with Total Quantity of 3 KG-4 KG

Each Weekly Delivery Contains,

  1. Musk Melon/Water Melon/Pineapple/Papaya- Any 1 (Approx.500-750 gms)
  2. Apples/Pear/Pomegranate- Any 1 Type (Approx. 500-700 gms)
  3. Mosambi/Oranges/Guava- Any 1 Type (Approx. 500-700 gms)
  4. Banana/Chikoo/Strawberry/ Grapes- Any 2 Types (Approx. 600-800 gms)
  5. Fig/Kiwi/Litchi/Plum/Peach/Jamun/Ber
    /Karwand/Custerd Apple/Mango/Ramphal – Any 1 Type ( Approx 200-500 gms)

At Times, 1 additional type of fruit may get included depending on availability in market & season.

Note– We try our level best to maintain Assortments as listed above, however it may vary slightly (Without impacting Assured Variety & Quantity) depending on availability & season.

How It Works ?

 Your Subscribed Basket will be delivered only on scheduled delivery day defined for your area . This is to ensure Fresh Fruits Delivery directly to you without pre-storing them on our racks ! Kindly refer our Delivery Schedule before placing your order. Orders need to get placed at-least a day prior to scheduled delivery day!

In Monthly Subscription, We offer 4 assortments which you can consume in span of 6 Weeks. By default, we will perform delivery for  4 consecutive weeks, however if you already know the weeks you want to skip for delivery, kindly update Notes before placing order. Alternately, you can let us know 2 days in advance before scheduled weekly delivery day to avail grace delivery week.


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“Though Size says its Medium, We Typically Say it’s ‘Couple’s Boon’!

This is Definitely Most Beloved Basket Among All & We too ensuring utmost care to deliver it with perfection every week!

With Size Too Good for Two People over the Week, this basket typically contains one of the Large Fruit Such as Papaya, Water-Melon, Musk-Melon or Pineapple along with Apples, Bananas. This is also regular home of either of Oranges/Mosambi/Guava/Pomegranate/Chickoo/Anjeer. List doesn’t end here, this basket sometimes provide glimpse of exotic fruits like Pear, Kiwi, Peach & seasonal fruits like Sitaphal, Mango, Strawberries, Grapes, Ber etc.

With This Basket, Sharing of Love gets doubled every-time when you ensure your partner follows recommended fruits diet! So take a step closure towards our ‘Fruit-A-Holic’ Addiction & enjoy this delicious assortment!


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