Assorted Fruits- Diabetic


Serves – 1 Diabetic Person over a Week

Assured Content- -5-6 Types of Fruits with Total Quantity of 2 KG-3 KG

Typically Contains,

1. Musk Melon/Water Melon/Pineapple/Papaya- Any 1 ( Approx.500-750 gms)
2. Apples/Pear/Pomegranate- Any 1 Type (Approx. 300-500 gms)
3. Mosambi/Oranges/Guava- Any 1 Type ( Approx. 200-500 gms)
4. Fig/Kiwi/Litchi/Plum/Peach/Jamun/Ber
/Karwand/Straberry- Any 2 Type ( Approx 200-500 gms)

At Times, 1 additional type of fruit may get included depending on availability in market & season.

Note– We try our level best to maintain Assortments as listed above, however it may vary slightly (Without impacting Assured Variety & Quantity) depending on availability & season.

Delivery Note: Your Basket will be delivered on coming scheduled delivery day defined for your area . This is to ensure Fresh Fruits Delivery directly to you without pre-storing them on our racks ! Kindly refer our Delivery Schedule before placing your order. Orders need to get placed at-least a day prior to scheduled delivery day!


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We Feel ‘Diabetic’ is Just a condition!

Let’s not bound every moment of your happiness with your Diabetic Fear!

We understand your struggle in keeping your diet normal by avoiding your favorite sweets, ice creams! But Why to keep Fruits Away?

Not Every Fruit increases your Sugar, in fact Many Fruits are much needed for your body to control your Sugar & BP. Enough is there for you to deal daily along with your medical condition.

Hence we decided to make it simple for you & hence brought a Basket you can trust on & enjoy!

Simply Say Good-Bye to Your all worries & keep enjoying our ‘Diabetic Basket’, don’t forget to ‘Sugar-Coat’ Your Love towards family, it doesn’t cost any ‘Diabetes’!


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